PaperWorks Industries, Inc.

Founded in 2008, PaperWorks Industries, Inc. is a leading North American integrated full-service packaging provider headquartered in Philadelphia, PA.

The company’s Paperboard Group consists of its Wabash and Philadelphia mills and the Manchester Group. Together, this group combines more than 350 years of experience, expertise and history in the paperboard industry. The Paperboard Group manufactures nearly 300,000 tons of 100% recycled paperboard annually, with Manchester providing custom converting services on demand. Products include an extensive range of end uses, generally utilized by the consumer packaging market.

The Packaging Group is a leading North American provider of specialized and innovative folding cartons that combines the know-how and skills of the former Specialized Packaging Group and Rosmar Packaging Corporation.

Paperboard Group

Philadelphia Mill

A legend in the industry, the PaperWorks Philadelphia Mill represents more than 200 years of papermaking history. The world’s largest papermaking plant in the 1860s, this mill continues to be an industry leader, currently operating the widest paper machine in the world.

The site of the world’s first paper mill in 1690 and the likely place of origin of the world’s first recycled paperboard in 1881, Philadelphia is an obvious choice as the headquarters for PaperWorks Industries.

A proud history as an industry mainstay and a commitment to leadership constantly drive the Philadelphia Mill’s quality and sustainability standards.

Wabash Mill

The Wabash Mill has been an important contributor to the papermaking industry for nearly 120 years. This facility has evolved throughout the years from an uncoated mill to become an essential part of the current success and the future achievements of the PaperWorks Paperboard Group.


Through innovation, continuous improvement and unparalleled service, the Manchester Group has been meeting the demands of clients: cutting, converting and providing a variety of paperboard grades since 1978 and following their merger with PaperWorks in January of 2011.

Packaging Group

The Specialized Packaging Group

With a reputation of innovation, quality and service, the Specialized Packaging Group was founded in 1983 and merged with PaperWorks Industries in 2008. The union has only served to increase the attention to detail, care and craftsmanship that goes into every product the Paperboard Group manufactures.


Prior to its incorporation into Paperworks, Rosmar Packaging Corporation was one of the largest independent folding carton converters in North America. The company brought 750 employees and 5 facilities to PaperWorks. It produces products across the packaging value chain, including folding cartons, flexible packaging, litho-laminates and blister cards, serving primarily the food, consumer goods, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.